Why don’t Americans race in Formula One anymore?

Americans don’t participate in Formula One racing anymore. The last American to race was Scott Speed for Toro Rosso in 2007. The last American champion was Mario Andretti in 1978. Here are the main reasons why we see no Americans in the Formula One race anymore.



Almost all the Formula One teams are based in Europe. Most of the Formula One experts in the world, from engineers and aerodynamicists to engine manufacturers are all based in England. If young Americans need to experience Formula One, then need to go oversees. It is not financially viable for these young people to move to Europe.



Formula One is not so popular in America. This discourages young Americans from participating in the race. A first-time viewer will not understand the game. It’s much to do with engineering, which is a complex matter. Teams make their own cars and always look for an edge, at the same time, tries to stay within the guidelines set by the sport’s governing body.

Formula One is for fans who love reading the latest engineering magazine. It is for those who love to know about the latest engine, its speed, design, etc. Formula One is an expensive sport, and not many people can afford it. The scope of getting training in Formula One in America is very limited. There is not much room for the drivers to improve their performance. That’s the reason American never had a Formula One champion since 1978. It is not feasible to relocate just for the sake of the sport. That’s why we don’t see Americans participate in this sport anymore.