Top 5 IndyCar drivers of all time

You will hardly find any person who loves car racing but hasn’t fallen for Indy cars. These cars are very fast and are exciting to watch them on tracks. Some IndyCar drivers have made history. Here are the top IndyCar drivers who will never be forgotten.

A.J. Foyt


This American driver won the Indy 500 four times. He tied most of the times with Al Unser and Rick Mears. He is the only driver to start 35 consecutive Indy 500s. He was named Associated Press ‘Driver of the Century’ along with Andretti. He had all kinds of racing experiences, from NASCAR to Open Wheel.

Mario Andretti


He was born in Italy. He was the four-time IndyCar National Champ winner, Daytona 500 winner, Indy 500 winner, and more. He is the last American to win the Formula 1 world championship in 1978.

Michael Andretti


His career spanned from 1983 to 2007. He has been fifth in stars, sixth in poles, and third in top three finishes. He is the last American to podium in Formula 1. Michael had bad luck. In his 16 Indy 500 starts, he led the race nine times but has never won it.

Scott Dixon


He is from New Zealand. He won his first IndyCar race in Miami on 2003. He has 39 wins so far. He is the leading non-U.S. driver in American Championship Cars. He is currently the top driver in the current IndyCar Series. He is being selected as one of the 33 greatest drivers in Indianapolis 500 history.

Al Unser


Al Unser comes from a racing family. His brother Bobby won the Indy 500 three times. His son Al Jr. has won the Cup two times. Six people in the family started the Indy 500. None won more than Al Sr., who won 10 out of the 18 races in one year. Al Unser was born in New Mexico and was into car racing for 30 years.

These names will always be remembered in the world of racing. Their performances on the track have mesmerized spectators for many years.