a1Welcome to Chad Block!

I have been driving an open-wheel Indy-style race car for the last 15 years, and this is my blog. I was a NASCAR driver, and that’s what I had always wanted to be. I’m very interested in the IndyCar side of it.

IndyCars are great raw race cars having extreme speed and capability. IndyCar was bigger than NASCAR for a long time. The IndyCar become two different leagues. But the excitement and thrill of IndyCar racing have always attracted me. This blog is for those who are interested in Indy car racing like me.

In this blog, I share my experience of the racing days. You will get lots of useful information on Indy cars. When you read my posts, you will understand why I love these cars so much.There are tips and recommendations on the various types of cars and the driving techniques. I have participated in a number of championships so that you will learn the techniques directly from an experienced driver.

If you love racing cars, this blog is for you. Read interesting posts every day and get yourself in the thrilling world of car racing.