6 features to look for when buying motorcycle jackets

When purchasing a motorcycle jacket, you should consider three things: affordability, durability, and versatility.These features must be there no matter whether you are going for a sports ride or cruising around the woods. Motorcycle jackets are a great tool for protecting the rider in case of adverse weather and accidents. So, it is important that you select your jacket carefully. Here are five major features you need to consider when buying motorcycle jackets.

1. Outer material

Your motorcycle jacket may be made of leather, textile or a blend of both. The weather, abrasion, and wind resistance are located on the outer shell of the jacket. Modern jackets are tough, but lightweight. Some textile jackets have a breathable polyurethane membrane. This allows water vapor to leave the interior of the jacket to keep it comfortable inside.

2. Ventilation Options

The interesting thing about motorcycle jacket is that the same jacket that is warm, windproof, waterproof, and protective on a cold morning can get hot in the afternoon. You can either have perforated leather with a good zip-out liner or zippered vent in solid leather.

4. Lots of pockets

You should buy jackets that have more pockets. These pockets are very useful in keeping important things like your cellphone, keys, etc. If you are going on a long ride, you can keep essential items like money, home keys, torch light, etc.

5. Impact Protectors

Motorcycle jackets have impact protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back turn. There is no guarantee that wearing a jacket with impact protectors will save you from accidents, but it will cause less injury. Some motorcycle jackets now include chest protectors.

6. High visibility

You should buy motorcycle jackets of bright colors, like fluorescent colors that provide good visibility to other drivers in the little light. This jacket helps when there is fog as well. The reflective stripes glow after dark help to prevent accidents.

Many other features are available in modern jackets. There is a special jacket to protect you from harsh weather conditions. The manufacturers are using innovative techniques to manufacture jackets that will give more protection to the biker. Apart from the usability, motorcycle jackets also make a rider look good. It gives them a rebellious image, which is typical of a biker. Visit some shops before buying your jacket. You should compare the prices, features and quality of the jackets. Buy one that will be durable, even if you have to spend some extra cash for it.