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Why I bought my first motorcycle from a used car dealer?

You cannot get the feeling of the wind on you face by staying inside a car. When it’s summer, many people want to break free; they want to leave the busy town and go for a long drive down country roads on a motorcycle. If you don’t have one yet, then summer is a good time to buy one and enjoy a long ride of freedom.

Buying your first motorcycle can be a thrilling experience. Buying it from a used car dealer can be a good option for several reasons. There are lots of used motorcycles that are very affordable. They can be reliable and will require less insurance. I have bought my first motorcycle from a used car dealer. Here are some great reasons why I think it’s a great idea to buy it from a used car dealer.

Find out your riding interests

You should know about your preferences and the only way to know it is by riding a motorcycle for a while. When you first learn to ride a bicycle, you are not sure about your riding style, so don’t know what kind of motorcycle will fit you best. You also don’t know which type of bike you will enjoy riding most. So, it is better to buy a used motorcycle and get to know your preferences before buying a new one.

Find out which riding position you are comfortable with

You should ride your first motorcycle for a while and see whether the riding position is right for you. Some motorcycles have aggressive riding position that may cause personal injuries. When you buy a used bike and see that the bike is not right for you, then you can exchange it for another style of bike.

Buy something that is appropriate for your level of skill

As you are a new rider, you should buy a motorcycle that is suitable for the beginners. So, initially, it is better to buy a used motorcycle. Your skill and confidence level will dramatically improve with regular practice. After you become more confident with your riding style you can buy a new motorcycle.

Deal with scars on the bike

When you first learn to ride a motorcycle, you may fall or hit something. Your bike may get scratched and dented. Imagine how you will feel if it happened with your new motorcycle. A used bike already goes through lots of hurdles and so you don’t feel that bad when your used bike has some problem.

Less costly

A used motorcycle is depreciated, so you can get good value. You will find many used motorcycles available in good condition because many riders upgrade their motorcycle by selling their old ones.

The only downside of buying a used motorcycle is that you might not be aware of the history of the bike. Some dealers give you a warranty with the used bike as well. You should buy from those dealers. You should do some good research before buying a used bike and know what features you would like to have your motorcycle. Then find a trusted dealer to buy your used motorcycle.

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6 features to look for when buying motorcycle jackets

When purchasing a motorcycle jacket, you should consider three things: affordability, durability, and versatility.These features must be there no matter whether you are going for a sports ride or cruising around the woods. Motorcycle jackets are a great tool for protecting the rider in case of adverse weather and accidents. So, it is important that you select your jacket carefully. Here are five major features you need to consider when buying motorcycle jackets.

1. Outer material

Your motorcycle jacket may be made of leather, textile or a blend of both. The weather, abrasion, and wind resistance are located on the outer shell of the jacket. Modern jackets are tough, but lightweight. Some textile jackets have a breathable polyurethane membrane. This allows water vapor to leave the interior of the jacket to keep it comfortable inside.

2. Ventilation Options

The interesting thing about motorcycle jacket is that the same jacket that is warm, windproof, waterproof, and protective on a cold morning can get hot in the afternoon. You can either have perforated leather with a good zip-out liner or zippered vent in solid leather.

4. Lots of pockets

You should buy jackets that have more pockets. These pockets are very useful in keeping important things like your cellphone, keys, etc. If you are going on a long ride, you can keep essential items like money, home keys, torch light, etc.

5. Impact Protectors

Motorcycle jackets have impact protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back turn. There is no guarantee that wearing a jacket with impact protectors will save you from accidents, but it will cause less injury. Some motorcycle jackets now include chest protectors.

6. High visibility

You should buy motorcycle jackets of bright colors, like fluorescent colors that provide good visibility to other drivers in the little light. This jacket helps when there is fog as well. The reflective stripes glow after dark help to prevent accidents.

Many other features are available in modern jackets. There is a special jacket to protect you from harsh weather conditions. The manufacturers are using innovative techniques to manufacture jackets that will give more protection to the biker. Apart from the usability, motorcycle jackets also make a rider look good. It gives them a rebellious image, which is typical of a biker. Visit some shops before buying your jacket. You should compare the prices, features and quality of the jackets. Buy one that will be durable, even if you have to spend some extra cash for it.

Why don’t Americans race in Formula One anymore?

Americans don’t participate in Formula One racing anymore. The last American to race was Scott Speed for Toro Rosso in 2007. The last American champion was Mario Andretti in 1978. Here are the main reasons why we see no Americans in the Formula One race anymore.



Almost all the Formula One teams are based in Europe. Most of the Formula One experts in the world, from engineers and aerodynamicists to engine manufacturers are all based in England. If young Americans need to experience Formula One, then need to go oversees. It is not financially viable for these young people to move to Europe.



Formula One is not so popular in America. This discourages young Americans from participating in the race. A first-time viewer will not understand the game. It’s much to do with engineering, which is a complex matter. Teams make their own cars and always look for an edge, at the same time, tries to stay within the guidelines set by the sport’s governing body.

Formula One is for fans who love reading the latest engineering magazine. It is for those who love to know about the latest engine, its speed, design, etc. Formula One is an expensive sport, and not many people can afford it. The scope of getting training in Formula One in America is very limited. There is not much room for the drivers to improve their performance. That’s the reason American never had a Formula One champion since 1978. It is not feasible to relocate just for the sake of the sport. That’s why we don’t see Americans participate in this sport anymore.

What are the major differences between IndyCar and Formula 1?

Both IndyCar and Formula 1 races are popular. They will have their premier races of the year soon. IndyCar began in 1911 in Indianapolis, and Formula 1 started in 1929 in Monaco. Both have an open wheel and open cockpit race cars. Here are the prime differences between the two races.


Both use V-6 internal combustion engines. IndyCar engines are 2.2-liter units and run on E85 ethanol. Formula One, on the other hand, uses 1.6 liters advanced hybrid power units engines. These run on unleaded fuel blends.


IndyCars have the highest speed limit of 240 mph, and Formula One car are 225 mph. A Formula One car can go 60mph in just 2 seconds, whereas an IndyCar goes 3 seconds time.


An IndyCar with engine, chassis, brakes, transmission and tires cost $3,000,000. A high range Formula One car costs 50 times more than IndyCar.They often cost $200,000,000! A number of measures are taken to cut down costs of Formula One cars. These cars are not allowed to be tested more than a few days in a year. Also, the time spent in the wind tunnel is restricted.


You can get the components of IndyCar off the shelf. You can get the engine from Chevrolet or Honda. The chassis are made by Dallara. Different aerodynamic packages are included for different tracks. There is low downforce for places like Indianapolis where the speed is an important factor and high downforce for road courses. IndyCar focuses on the drivers and not the cars. Formula 1, on the other hand, is all about cars. You can view Formula One cars as inverted airplanes. The shape of the car is designed so that the car is pulled down onto the track surface.

Both the cars are amazing and give the drivers a thrilling experience. In terms of popularity, Formula 1 seems to be a little ahead of the IndyCars.


Top 5 IndyCar drivers of all time

You will hardly find any person who loves car racing but hasn’t fallen for Indy cars. These cars are very fast and are exciting to watch them on tracks. Some IndyCar drivers have made history. Here are the top IndyCar drivers who will never be forgotten.

A.J. Foyt


This American driver won the Indy 500 four times. He tied most of the times with Al Unser and Rick Mears. He is the only driver to start 35 consecutive Indy 500s. He was named Associated Press ‘Driver of the Century’ along with Andretti. He had all kinds of racing experiences, from NASCAR to Open Wheel.

Mario Andretti


He was born in Italy. He was the four-time IndyCar National Champ winner, Daytona 500 winner, Indy 500 winner, and more. He is the last American to win the Formula 1 world championship in 1978.

Michael Andretti


His career spanned from 1983 to 2007. He has been fifth in stars, sixth in poles, and third in top three finishes. He is the last American to podium in Formula 1. Michael had bad luck. In his 16 Indy 500 starts, he led the race nine times but has never won it.

Scott Dixon


He is from New Zealand. He won his first IndyCar race in Miami on 2003. He has 39 wins so far. He is the leading non-U.S. driver in American Championship Cars. He is currently the top driver in the current IndyCar Series. He is being selected as one of the 33 greatest drivers in Indianapolis 500 history.

Al Unser


Al Unser comes from a racing family. His brother Bobby won the Indy 500 three times. His son Al Jr. has won the Cup two times. Six people in the family started the Indy 500. None won more than Al Sr., who won 10 out of the 18 races in one year. Al Unser was born in New Mexico and was into car racing for 30 years.

These names will always be remembered in the world of racing. Their performances on the track have mesmerized spectators for many years.